Sunca Flooring

Sunca global forest company was established in 2001. It is known as one of the best Canadian’s leading importers and distributors of exotic hardwood flooring. They offer all types of products for shipping from Toronto area warehouses to all destinations worldwide. They are especially known to provide the best exotic floorings for both commercial and residential areas. Evey of their floors looks good and gives an extraordinary luxurious look. If you ever think to have an exotic floor then Sunca flooring will be an ideal choice for you. Every floor is manufactured under the supervision of experts and they make sure to use the best material. So if you are looking for the best exotic floor for your next project then let’s talk about all their flooring products and other essential services.

Sunca Flooring Collection 

As we discussed they are known to provide the best exotic flooring for homes and offices to give it a unique look. All of their collections will increase the beauty of your home.

Just give this flooring a chance and then see, surely you will be surprised by their services. Here is a brief description of every Sunca floor.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring 

Exotic hardwood flooring is the most unique colour flooring that mimics that real hardwood texture. It is available in 4 different varieties known as Jatoba, Sucupira, Tauri, and Tigerwood. 

jatoba becomes the most demanding floor because of its softest and versatility after its popularity. It has many advantages. It has good durability and stability. Jatoba flooring is available in multiple unique colours known as natural, coffee, truffle, caramel, rose, and burgundy. 

Sucupira is also a strong and durable hardwood floor. If you want exotic flooring for high traffic areas then this Sucupira floor will be ideal for you. It has an impressive quality that will let every visitor admire it. This flooring will give your home a unique pattern look.  

Tauri is the floor that is suitable for any type of area. It is also very unique in colour and gives your home an extra attractive look with good durability and stability level. Tauri is available in multiple colours known as chocolate, copper, Tuscan spice, Chestnut, cherry passion, Gunstock, graphite, and Venetian brown. 

Tigerwood is another exotic flooring that can be installed to give your home a unique and versatile look. To give your home a calm look make sure to give this flooring a chance.


Sunca Flooring


Exotic Engineered Flooring

This exotic flooring is as same as the above mentioned exotic hardwood flooring with other beneficial qualities. If you ever worried about twisting or wrapping down the floor then be sure to install any of the exotic engineered floors. This could be installed in both commercial and residential areas. It can easily bear high foot traffic because of its hard density and good durability level. It is the most solid floor so give it a try and enjoy a good warranty floor. 

Vinyl Flooring 

Sunca flooring offers a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring collection that provides many benefits like waterproof properties, excellent acoustical qualities, with a unique design featuring wood grains to suit any home decoration. The main core of this flooring is made with limestone powder and a stabilizer to give its stability a boost. This flooring collection is also available in three different varieties known as Como, Niagara, and Palermo.


White Oak Engineered Flooring 

White oak engineered flooring is available in a vast variety of colours and designs. This floor has a good thickness which is why it is also suitable for high traffic areas. Its top layer is about 4mm so we can rely on its longevity. It has good stability and the installation of the floor varies on your choice, you can glue it down, nail it down, and float it. Some collections of white Oak engineered flooring are Berg, colorado, Como, Dez, Lugano, Milano, Palermo, Roma, Verona, and unfinished. 

If you want to buy any of its floors at an affordable price then contact us and our customers will help you to have the best Simba floor according to your choice. We warmly welcome our customers to our platform and try to provide the best floor that should be budget-friendly. We take care of your investment and never let you spend extra money.