LOFT Laminate Flooring

LOFT Laminate Flooring
Squarefoot Flooring’s Loft Laminate Flooring is an excellent option for adding grey flooring to your place. It gives a natural look with the organic pattern of oak and is the best alternative to solid wood flooring. We offer high quality and durable flooring products that give a classic and modern look to your place.
We have a variety of options including Baltic Oak 12mm Flooring, Burlington 12mm Flooring, Cathedral 12mm Flooring, Ivory 12mm Flooring, Linea 12mm Flooring, Moon Light ML1100 12 MM, Neutral Oak 12mm Flooring, Newport LOFT 12mm Flooring, Yukon Oak 12mm Flooring. All of them are easy to install, impact-resistant and available on demand. If you are someone who is busy and does not have time for regular floor maintenance, then Loft Flooring is the best flooring option for you. The grey tones are always in fashion, it can be installed in living room, bedrooms or any other place where you want to add a comfortable feel. It gives a welcoming and comfortable style with modern décor.
Squarefoot Flooring offers premium quality laminate flooring at affordable prices to transform Loft Dark Grey into an ideal flooring or commercial place. Our experts ensure customer satisfaction by offering a professional service.

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