Laminate Flooring

Squarefoot Flooring is a renowned retailer for all types of Laminate flooring options. We specialize in luxury to casual laminate floors style products and offer installation services.

Laminate Flooring is commonly known to imitate the look of wooden flooring. For a basic laminate tiles structure, 4 layers are added such as a core HDF (High-Density Fiber) board, a realistic wood lamination protected with a scratch-resistant overlay and a balancing layer at the back. We offer a wide range of 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM and 15MM in terms of the thicknesses. Squarefoot Flooring produces a large variety for multiple floor applications ranging from residential to high traffic commercial environments with more than 600 laminate floors options to select. Our team of leading designers create one of the best and unique flooring decors according to customer demand and the in-style interior design trends. We work closely with experts to design high quality and the best laminate flooring in Mississauga, Toronto and The GTA.

Laminate floors add many advantages. As it is made from pressed wood, it is more durable and gives resistance to scratches, moisture and tearing of the floor. Laminate floors are also easier to clean which makes it ideal for all places.

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