SQFT BACKSPLASH – ANATOLIA TILE is a classic way to update the look of a kitchen or bathroom of your place. This Stone has a long history for use as tile due to its abundance and natural beauty that attracts every eye. These types of Natural stone come in a variety of textures, colours and patterns to suit the look of nearly any style of decor. Each slab of stone of SQFT BACKSPLASH is unique in its colouring and veins, and the installation process is easily handled by our highly professional of trained experts. To create a stone backsplash statement piece wall or floor, the stone is first to cut into thin sheets and then into shapes such as diamonds, squares or rectangles. The tiles are improved for smoothness and to create a polished look that gives an excellent resemblance of high-quality style

Homeowners preparing to have a stone backsplash installed in their kitchens, bathrooms or another area of their homes mostly want to add a lift to their place, and this style defiantly adds the great value as you want. It adds the elegance of marble with the durability and low maintenance of porcelain. We have one of the best selections including ALBASTRO 35-069 1X1 BAROQUE STAINED, ALBASTRO 35-076 RANDOM STACKED MOSAIC, ALBASTRO 35-083 RANDOM STRIP MOSAIC, ALLURE IVORY 2X2 MAYFAIR BASKETWEAVE, ALLURE IVORY POLISHED 69-926 1.25X1.25, AMBER TEA 35-017 BLISS GLASS, AMBER TEA 35-023 BLISS GLASS, ANTHRACITE 46-162 2X2 PRATO PORCELAIN, ANTIQUE BRONZE 35-143 OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL and many more.

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