HandCraft Floorings

We are going to talk about a flooring company that has a wide range of floorings with different wood species, a variety of designs and styles, and all other essential services to maintain the stability of the floors. We will talk about everything about the HandCraft flooring company. They have been offering many services and satisfying their customers for many years. They have very bonafide experts who work hard and find out the most demanding floors in the flooring industry. They always stocked up the required and demanding materials of their customers. They especially focus on making their customers satisfied. After connecting to them you will see how they work hard and make their customers happy with their extraordinary services.

Flooring Collection

The flooring collection of a company matters a lot because it can impress the customers. HandCraft flooring companies especially focus on the collection of floors because they want their customers to be happy.

You have no need to worry about floors because they will never let you face any flooring problem. They have a wide range of flooring collections that we are going to explore below. These can be the best floors for you and for your home. 

Hickory Collection 

In this collection, Zen Collection can see the floors that can give a calm look to your floor in this hectic world. It is very unique in design and available in multiple colours. 

In the collection of Urbana, you can see the floors of highly distinguished floors that will give your home a very stylish look. They are also available in multiple colours and designs. You can easily increase the beauty of your home with this collection. 

Castillo Planks:  it is the most unique collection of flooring to give your home a luxurious look. You can have it in any colour from dark to bright as they offer many colours. You will surely fall in love with this flooring collection. 

In Lakeside Collection, you can have floors that can give your home a real beautiful hickory look. This floor gives the most adorable look to your home. If you want to be praised regarding your home then must give this floor a try. Hope you will like it very much. 


HandCraft Floorings


White Oak Collection

Here are many options in the white Oak Collection that you can select for your home. 

Contempa is one of the most famous and favourite collections of flooring. It will also give your home a very beautiful look. To give your home an artful look, you must try this floor. 

Heritage Planks is another customer’s favourite choice. In this collection, you have multiple flooring options and a range of colours too. They make sure to have experts who can design every plank with full sustainability.


Black Walnut Collection 

You have two options of flooring collections such as Luxe and Legacy planks in the black walnut collection. These are very well designed in multiple colours and styles. These will give your home a very luxurious look along with extra pre-finish properties. Legacy planks are very stunning and have walnut colour variations.


Heart Pine

To give your home an old or ancient look you can try this floor. It will bring you nostalgia but will give your home a calm and natural look. It is also available in many colours and designs.


Style wood is another collection of flooring that will give your home the calmest look. 

All these floors are very luxurious to look at and are manufactured with the latest innovative techniques. These are very sustainable and after the installation, you will be impressed by their stability. 


It is also very easy to take care of these floors. If you ever want to know something about this flooring then prefer to read their catalogue. They provide a catalogue in which every minute detail is available. Surely it will help you a lot. But still, if you want to get some helpful tips then you can visit our websites. Here are many tips that can help you in this regard. 

It’s our pride that we are in partnership with HandCraft Flooring company. We offer all of their floors to our beloved customers because we want them to enjoy every floor that can increase the beauty of your home.