Grandeur Flooring

Grandeur Flooring has been providing top-quality contemporary and rustic flooring options that are made from sustainable materials. They are unique because they provide the floors that will increase the beauty of the space where they will fill. It’s an all-encompassing Canadian Flooring Company that is especially known to provide the most versatile design, timely delivery, and elegant quality floors. 

They provide flooring services for both interior designs and renovations. Their flooring service is very innovative and give the most elegant look to space. Every floor is made with a material that is very eco-friendly. They offer a vast selection of floors regarding finishes, colours, texture, and design. You can have floor Brushed, Hand-scraped and Saw marked to attractively provide their special signature look.

Flooring Collection

They are especially known to provide Engineered Hardwood, Vinyl, and Solid Hardwood Floorings. These floors are really high in quality because of eco-friendly material. This feature makes them ideal. 

These floors are sturdy and will be stable for a long time. You can have anyone according to your choice. These will give your home an attractive look. 

In the Engineered Hardwood Flooring Collection, You can have Artesian, Ultra, Eternal, Enterprise, Metropolitan, Legacy, Scandinavia, Crown Land, Divine, Elevation, and Elite. 

In the Vinyl Flooring Collection, SPC Vinyl Tile, Glue Down Ultimate, Wonder 7, Anchor 7, Pacific, Atlantic, and Luxury SPC Vinyl Planks are available. 

While in Solid Hardwood Floor you can have the Muse and Contemporary. These are available in multiple species like Oak, Maple, and Hickory with different textures such as Brushed, Smooth, Hand-scraped, Saw Marked, and Reactive Strain. People love to have these floors because of their popularity and selection variations.


Grandeur Floorings

89702-8 Grandeur Vinyl Tile – 12×24 Pad attached SQUAREFOOT FLOORING - MISSISSAUGA - TORONTO - BRAMPTON


If the floor is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, it will last for a long time. These floors are extremely long-lasting. This flooring firm, in fact, looks after your investment. They value your money, which is why they never let their consumers down by considering these factors. They ensure that the best floor is provided in accordance with the needs of their valued consumers.



Because these floors offer environmentally favourable features, the installation process will have a negative impact on the environment. They will complete the installation process in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to the rest of your home. You’ll be able to watch how professionally their installer completes the installation. They will clear up all of the debris after the installation and leave you to enjoy your new floor with a smile.


Care & Maintenance

Because these floors are of great quality and have a high density, they are not difficult to maintain. When the floor becomes dirty, all you have to do is clean it completely. There’s no need to stick to a strict cleaning schedule. Its high quality will ensure that the floor is not destroyed quickly, but if you do have a problem, simply contact an expert. When moving heavy furniture off this floor, use caution and try to place cardboard beneath the furniture to protect the floor. This approach will save you from getting any minor scars or dents. The floor, on the other hand, has a high level of durability. It is more durable due to its manufacturing techniques and quality. As a result, if you take good care of this floor, it will last longer.


Why Choose Grandeur Flooring 

Their most beneficial thing is that they provide eco-friendly floors that are manufactured with innovative technology techniques. That is, they are everyone’s favourite because their products will not harm anyone, not even the environment. 

They work hard for the satisfaction of the customer and for that they Cutting-edge processes. They cut the edge of new flooring technologies from installation to finishing. You will see that they are the best in their flooring services. 

To boost the beauty of your home with a safe budget they provide a good warranty on the floors. So you can rely on their flooring services. 

We are happy that we are in partnership with this flooring company. We offer all of their floors to our beloved customers.