The majority of factories finished hardwood floors have numerous coats of finish bid to the wood’s surface. For example, a lot of wood floor companies are adding 6-10 coats of an ultra-violet (UV) spiral urethane. Like other factories squarefootflooring providing its best services in Ontario. The days of doing wax and scrub your hardwood floors are fairly much gone forever. Manufactures develop such a brilliant quality in-floor like durability, moisture-resistant by doing finishes. By usage ultraviolet radiations the prefinished wood planks can have numerous coats of urethane bid within a matter of a few minutes. This procedure makes hardwood floors both easily affordable and take little effort to maintain. Just now, the hardwood flooring constructors have started to add little chips of Aluminum Oxide head-on to the floor’s finish that may dramatically increase the life span of the urethane finish.

This procedure would be most difficult for someone to replicate on a job site finish, not to nominate, how many days it would take to be done. This is one of the causes, why many flooring retailers, flooring mechanics, and manufacturers are pulling prefinished hardwood floors. In spite of taking various days to fix and finish a damn new hardwood floor, a prefinished hardwood floor is commonly done in one day. The all above factors do not mean that you have a chance now to wash your wood floor, in actual it means that you won’t have the watermark. The ultraviolet spirals urethane wood finishes made all floors easier to maintain and clean other than the older wax hardwood floors.

The factories are finished before the wooden floors are installed

Acrylic Impregnated​: Acrylic monomers are inserted into the wood cell structure to increase hardness and then end up with a wear layer on top of the wood. 

Aluminum Oxide: ​Urethane has been added to the finish to withstand the increasing wear and tear of the fabric layer, which is becoming increasingly popular on improved grade wood floors. 

Polyurethane:​ This is a clear and durable finish that would give your floor an excellent effect. 

UV-cured​: The factory is finished which is heat-free compared to ultraviolet lights. 

Acrylic-urethane:​ The chemical that is different from others like polyurethane but gives the same benefit​.

Job site Finishing

If you want a floor that is highly adorable with extraordinary benefits and durability always select job site finishing. Now you are thinking about what is job site finishing, it means that firstly install an unfinished floor on your home surface, and then think about finishing and sanding. Now if you decided to do this then always remember it would give several days.

  • Water is also used in the finishing of flor in the formation of chemical polythene.
  • Oil is also used for the same purpose as water.

Moisture also makes up the same chemical but it needs air to cure.



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