Tile Store Mississauga

Squarefoot Flooring is located in Mississauga to provide the best flooring tiles and is known as the best tile store in Mississauga. Our experts are trying to provide high-quality tiles that can give your home a well-furnished look. We have stocked up almost every type of tile of different brands. In our tile store in Mississauga, you can see tiles of many famous brands known as Olympia Tiles, Amazing Tile, Anatolia Wall, MSI Stone Tiles, and many other brands too. We offer their tiles because we want our customers to enjoy the most versatile tiles in the home. Our experts make sure to stock up the best and trending tiles. They do thorough research to find out the most demanding tiles in the flooring industry. It is not the only thing that we are offering in the best tile store in Mississauga, we also offer many other essential services like guidance and installation with maintenance tips.

Tile Collections

People love to have the most durable and stylish tiles that can give their house a convenient and calm attractive look. On our platform, you will see a wide collection of tiles that are manufactured in a very sustainable way.

These are also very eco-friendly. Many tiles will give your home a Victorian Era look while many other tiles are designed with modern designs. You can choose anyone according to your choice. Some of them are very versatile because they have coloured borders and flowers are merged on them. Some tiles are also manufactured in a plain way so that you can give your home an authentic calm look. 

Squarefoot Flooring is the best tile store in Mississauga not only providing tiles but also offering many types of floors such as Laminate, Vinyl, Engineered Wood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Backsplash Tiles, with all important tools and accessories. We are also providing baths and vanities to give your home the most luxurious look. These baths and vanities are also very well designed. You can install any of them and make your living more comfortable.


Installation Servies

We make sure to hire only professional installers because we know only professionals can do their work effectively. People are always worried about the installation process but when you have the best tile store in Mississauga then you have no need to be worried about anything. Once you are connected with us we will provide you with some professional experts who will do their dirty very effectively. After the installation process, they will clean the overall waste so that you may not get disturbed because of anything. Whether it is a big project or a small project you have no need to be worried because our experts pay equal attention to both and try to fulfill your requirements. 

Visit our platform to see the best tile store in Mississauga and give us the opportunity to provide you with a pleasant flooring experience.



We want every customer to enjoy the beauty of tiles. For that, we make sure that our products should be very affordable so everyone prefers to buy them. At an affordable price, we try to give as best as we can. Our experts are highly trained and they check the material before the manufacturing process. After that, we use the most advanced and innovative technique. These techniques will make these tiles very durable. We make sure that our products should last long because we care about your effort and your time too. It’s our responsibility to provide you with the best tiles according to your requirements and budget.