SQFT STONE BACKSPLASH – ANA makes a striking accent for your kitchen or any other place that you want to enhance. There are many options to choose from to fit with your preferred decor. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles there is a stacked stone backsplash sure to match your home and will always give you the unique style with its high-quality look. SQFT STONE flooring comes in many shade or colour that brings an elegant touch to your bath or fireplace area as well. We offer a wide selection of rock backsplashes, including travertine, marble, granite and slate. For a traditional look consider a travertine backsplash, and for a more modern look lean towards marble or granite. We have ALLURE CREMA 1X1 MARBLE MOSAICS, ALLURE CREMA 3X12 MARBLE TILE, ALLURE CREMA 3X6 MARBLE TILE, ALLURE CREMA BASKETWEAVE MARBLE MOSAICS, ALLURE CREMA MINI VERSAILLES MARBLE, ALLURE CREMA RANDOM STRIP MARBLE, BERKSHIRE CREMA 1X1 MARBLE MOSAICS, BERKSHIRE CREMA 3X6 MARBLE TILE, BERKSHIRE CREMA 6X6 MARBLE TILE and many more options.

It gives you the durability and elegance of stone while helping everything in budget. They are easy to clean and oftentimes only need periodic sealing but does not require high maintenance.

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