Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are both popular choices for flooring, but they have some key differences.

Solid hardwood is made of 100% solid wood and is typically 3/4 inch thick. It is a durable, long-lasting option that can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Solid hardwood is also available in a wide range of species and styles, making it a versatile choice for any home.

On the other hand, engineered hardwood is made of a layer of real hardwood on top of multiple layers of wood or other materials. It is typically thinner than solid hardwood, ranging from 3/8 to 3/4 inch in thickness. Engineered hardwood is more stable than solid hardwood, making it a good choice for areas with high humidity or temperature fluctuations. It is also easier to install, as it can be floated over a subfloor or glued down.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

In terms of appearance, both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood can have a natural wood grain look. However, solid hardwood may have a more authentic look and feel due to its solid construction. Due to its layered construction, engineered hardwood may have a slightly more artificial look and feel.

Overall, the choice between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood will depend on your budget, the level of durability and stability you need, and the look you want to achieve. Both options can be a good choice for home flooring, but it is important to consider the differences and choose the one that best meets your needs.

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