We know that choosing the best hardwood flooring for your home is a tricky thing for you. At our hardwood flooring Mississauga store, we help you choose the best flooring for you.

Selecting Hardwood Flooring for Your Mississauga Home

If you are planning to install hardwood flooring Mississauga homes, you have a variety of choices available. To select the best product, it is important to determine the style and look of your home. Take into account existing decor, the wood’s colour and tone, and the mood that you want to create.

Hardwood flooring requires regular maintenance. It must be properly sealed and protected to keep it looking beautiful. A maintenance coat will help to keep away dust and dirt. This will also prevent the floor from becoming stained or damaged. Hardwood floors need to be cleaned after spills and other damage. If spilt water or liquids remain on the surface, you must clean them immediately.

A hardwood floor is an excellent option for people who want attractive, durable flooring. They are known to add value to homes. A wood floor is more attractive to buyers than carpeting, and you can choose a wood species that complement your decor. You can also consult with a flooring specialist to determine which wood is best for your home.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Refinishers

Professional Hardwood Flooring Refinishers

There are two various types of hardwood flooring: 

Solid wood flooring is a classic look that is made of one solid piece of wood. It is a three-fourths inch thick and made from premium hardwood. It can be refinished and is exceptionally durable, but it is susceptible to warping in humid environments. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Mississauga

Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to any home. However, over time, they may become worn out and require refinishing. Hardwood flooring is generally made from wood species such as maple, oak, birch, cherry, mahogany, etc. These hardwoods have been around for hundreds of years and are extremely durable. If you are properly maintained, you can use hardwood floors for decades.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Mississauga

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Mississauga

However, if not cared for properly, these floors can begin to show wear and tear. Over time, dirt, moisture, and foot traffic can cause damage to the surface of the floor. If left untreated, these damages can lead to unsightly stains and scratches. To prevent further damage, it is best to get your hardwood floors professionally refinished.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Refinishers

There are many different types of professionals who perform hardwood floor refinishing. A professional refinisher should be able to remove old finishes and apply a new finish. Professional refinishers use specialized tools and equipment to ensure that your floors look their best.

The first step in getting your hardwood floors professionally finished involves removing the existing finish. Once the finish has been removed, the floorboards are sanded down to smooth them out. After the boards have been smoothed, they are ready to receive a new finish.

A variety of different finishes are available for hardwood floors. There are two basic categories of finishes: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based finishes are considered to be permanent, while water-based finishes are only temporary.

  1. Oil-Based Finishes

Oil-based finishes are the most popular type of finish for hardwood floors. They are applied using a roller machine. The roller machine spreads the finish evenly across the entire floor. The application of the finish takes about 30 minutes per room.

  1. Water-Based Finishes

Water-based finishes are often recommended for commercial applications. They are applied using sprayers. Water-based finishes are much quicker than oil-based finishes. They can be applied in just a few hours.

After the finish has been applied, it is allowed to dry overnight. The next day, the floor is buffed to make sure that the finish is even and smooth. Finally, the floor is sealed with wax to protect the finish and keep it looking great.