It is a luxurious flooring product. In addition, it has been designed with modernity in mind. Moreover, it has 18 hand-picked colours in planks and 8 colours in tiles that will definitely add a touch of class to any home or commercial space.

Maintenance of your Drop & Done vinyl Flooring – XL Flooring is easy to maintain;  just sweep, dust mop, or vacuum thoroughly. You can damp mop using any cleaner designed for vinyl flooring. Do not use excessive amounts of water when cleaning the planks – use a damp cloth or mop and rinse with clean water. You do not have to double your plywood. In addition, you do not have to remove existing vinyl. Nonetheless, over ceramic tiles, you need to fill the grout lines with a proper levelling compound.

This flooring is durable, maintenance is easy and comes with hygienic benefits. It comes with a wide variety of applications; residential as well as heavy-duty commercial. Furthermore, it can be installed over any flat and dry surface whether concrete, linoleum, hardwood or plywood.  A wear-layer of 0.5 mm (20 mills) protects against scratches, dirt and other everyday wear. It uses HD urethane antimicrobial silver and micro-beaded technology for durability and hygienic benefits. High-quality vinyl provides strength and flexibility. A firm fibreglass mesh is embedded in the core for dimensional stability. Moreover, a sound-absorbing backing (IIC Sound Rating 52) provides a super grip and extra comfort.