Kronotex Floorings

Almost everyone wants a floor that can provide a huge list of good features. We know that people do not want to waste their money. They wish to have a floor that can stay longer and make them proud of their choice. We have experts who specialize in that and find out the best floors for our beloved customers. Kronotex is the best flooring company that our experts have searched for with great hardwood for you. We consider it the best flooring company because of its beneficial services and products. 

They provide the best flooring products along with other essential accessories like underlayments. They have a huge number of experts who work very professionally and work as a family. They especially focus on the material of the floors because they want their customers to enjoy sustainable flooring. They take care of your investment.

Flooring Collection

They have a wide range of floorings. Their special offer is laminate floorings that is everyone’s favourite. We all know the advantages of laminate floorings.

 It is good for both home and office. Its high density makes it ideal for the offices while its shine and other resistant properties make it easy to have it in the home. People love to have laminate floors and it always remains in trend. Well, while talking about other flooring collections let me tell you that they are also very good and have good properties. You will enjoy peaceful living with these floors in the home. 

They have multiple flooring collections like Mammut Plus, Mammut, and Aqua Robusto. These collections will give your home an attractive and luxurious look at an affordable price. 

In Mammut Plus you have multiple flooring options like Makro Oak Beige, Makro Oak Light Grey, Magnum Oak Sand, Magnum Oak Grey, Magnum Oak Light, Mountain Oak Nature, Northland Oak, and many more. These are available in many colours and designs. 

In Mammut, you can have the floors Capital Oak Light, Capital Oak Nature, Everest Oak Bronze, Everest Oak Beige, Makro Oak Beige, Makro Oak Light Grey, Matterhorn Oak Bronze, with more flooring options. 

While in Aqua Robusto, You have waterproof floors that everyone wants for the kitchen, bathroom, and lobby. This collection also has multiple collections of floorings such as Adak, Camelot Oak, Viking Oak, Smart Chestnut, Nature Chestnut, Tyler Oak, Ageless Teak, Logan Oak, Nebraska Oak, pure Oak with many other options of floorings. 

All these floors are made in laminate quality so the people can enjoy a good durable floor at home. 


Kronotex Floorings


Characteristics Of Kronotex Floorings

These floors have many good characteristics. These are waterproof, stain and dent-resistant. They also have flame-resistant properties; it means that you can install these floors in the kitchen without any tension. They are also very friendly. You can stay with your pets on these floors too. They will not get hurt because they are scratch-resistant. Their high performance makes them ideal for every space.


Care & Maintenance 

Taking care of these floors will be fun for you. It does not require heavy cleaning. Its shine will never fade soon and you may not require to clean it regularly. For cleaning just use a simple mop. It will be good. These floors have good hardness so they will not be damaged soon. Anyhow if you face some problems then you can use some helpful tips. You can find any of your flooring solutions on our platform. We have a variety of solutions that will help you in this regard and will never let you call any professional.


Styles & Designs

These floors are good in design and are also available in many colours. You can have any colour of your choice at home. They are available from dark to light colours. While talking about designing, Kronotex provides a wide range of designs. You can also install these floors in different geometrical designs. 


We are happy to tell you that we are in partnership with Kronotex Flooring Company, we offer all of their floors with all essential materials like underlayments. Our experts will help you to have the best floor according to the requirements of the place and of your choice. Just contact us and we will work hard to provide the desired floor.