Andreson Tuftex

Anderson Tuftex provides multiple products to its customers that are unique along with a good durability level. Every product is beyond expectations and very unique.

They hire professionals who are experts in their field because they know only a professional can perform their work very effectively. They work hard for the satisfaction of the customers. Anderson Tuftex believes that only a satisfied customer comes back for more services. The entire experts of Anderson Tuftex work as a family. At Squarefoot Flooring Mississauga you will receive proper attention and will also be assisted with every aspect related to floors.

Below we are going to explain every product in detail so that you have the best one for your home.

Anderson Tuftex Carpet Collection

Anderson Tuftex provides a huge variety of carpets that are available in multiple colours and styles.

Every color is very unique and every style is beyond expectations. In this carpet collection, multiple colors such as Blue, Brown, Gold, Gray, Green, Red, Orange, and Beige are included. From Anderson Tuftex you can have multiple carpets such as Sheer Purrfect, Picture Purrfect, Purrfect harmony, Dynasty Purrfect, Cathedral Hill, Artifact, Portofino, and many more. These are very unique and will surely give your home a comfortable look.

We all know that taking care of carpets can be tough but these floors are very comfortable and it is also very easy to take care of them. The reason is its sustainable material. If the carpet gets dirty you can use a carpet brush or a heavy vacuum can also be used. The good thing is that it can be installed in any type of place. You can install it in high traffic areas also because it is suitable for every place. See our other collection.


Anderson Tuftex



On the platform of Anderson Tuftex, you can have the facility of installing Anderson carpets over the stairs. Every carpet that they are providing can be installed on the stairs. This will give your home the most unique look. Surely with the carpet on the stairs, your home will look more stunning and attractive. This step will let you get some praising comments from your visitors. The way you choose a stunning carpet for your floor and wall you can also choose a matching carpet for the stairs also.


Anderson Tuftex Area Rugs. Just like the carpets and stairs carpets, you can have rugs for your home. Some people love to add rugs in the home as they increase the beauty and add a more elegant look to the entire home. You can also give your home a comfortable look by choosing Anderson Tuftex luxury rugs.


Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring

Anderson Tuftex Engineered hardwood flooring – Anderson Tuftex Hardwood flooring is no doubt more stable and durable than any other floor because of its hardness and quality. This floor is also suitable for every place because of its stability level. It can bear high traffic very easily without getting damaged. Its water-resistant top surface property makes it an ideal choice. Almost everyone likes this floor to have in the home. You can install it in the home and office both. At the office, this floor will last longer and will surely enhance its beauty to a great extent. While in the home it will add a comfortable look with a calm beauty texture. Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring is available in a wide range of colours which are beige, black, brown, green, grey, golden, natural, white and more. All these colours are very unique. The installation process also varies on your choice. If you want you can glue it, nail it, or float it. All options are good because this floor is stable enough. It will not buckle if installed properly. Taking care of this floor is also very easy as this floor is high in performance and requires less maintenance. Just clean the floor to maintain its shine.


At Squarefoot Flooring you get to select Anderson Tuftex carpet and Anderson Tuftex Hardwood. Anderson Tuftex products at an affordable price to our customers as we are in partnership with them. We are also offering a wide range of hardwood floors just make sure to contact us and then we will help you to have the best hardwood floor along with Anderson Tuftex rugs made if required.